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Unlock E-commerce Success with Our Gold Product & Content Management Package! Elevate your online storefront with SEO-optimized product management, analytics, and seamless integration. Outsource the hassle, focus on growth!





Introducing our monthly Gold Product & Content Management Package, tailored to empower small businesses and startups in their online product sales journey. Elevate your e-commerce game without the hassle of in-house maintenance with our comprehensive support package.

Key features of the Gold Support Package include:

Streamlined Product Management:

Enjoy hassle-free product and inventory updates for up to 10 products, ensuring your storefront is always up to date and fully stocked.

Enhanced Visibility:

Benefit from Search Engine Optimized (SEO) product descriptions that help your products rank higher in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to your website.

Seamless Integration:

Unlock the potential of your e-commerce platform with 3rd Party Integrations, allowing you to connect and synchronize various tools and services.

Informed Decision-Making:

Gain valuable insights into your online performance with Monthly Analytics for your website and individual products. These insights are presented in detailed Monthly Reports, shedding light on customer shopping behavior, product performance, and more.

Web Aesthetics:

Keep your website visually appealing and current with regular updates to website graphics and product images. We also provide assistance for general website changes.

Software Prowess:

Ensure your website is running smoothly with prompt Software and Plugin Updates, guaranteeing that your e-commerce platform is equipped with the latest features and security.

Flexible Billing:

Our transparent billing system automatically charges website management fees at the beginning of each month. No long-term contracts bind you; you have the freedom to discontinue our services before the 25th of the month if you no longer require them.

Timely Support:

Count on us for fast turnaround times on website edit requests, with most edits completed within 24 hours. In case a request needs more time, we’ll promptly provide you with an extended estimate.

This Gold Product & Content Management Package is the ideal solution for small businesses and startups seeking to optimize their online presence and focus on what they do best – delivering quality products and services. Elevate your e-commerce game with our support package today!



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